I am personally behind all the designing, technical sketching, sourcing fabrics and fit samples. I do all of this with quality in mind. I want my clothes to last long, so you can get many wears out of them. I chose to go for simple designs that fit different body types and allow me to reduce my waste production.

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My first collection is made with BCI Cotton from fabric mill Tintex. Founded in 1998, this Portuguese mill is constantly investing in their fabric and manufacturing. They use a technology called Novozymes, which allows them to extend the life of garments by 20%. It means that you can wear and wash your clothes for longer than usual!


In my future collections, I would like to go for even more sustainable fabrics. Currently, I am researching other fabric mills that work with materials such as linen, Tencel, and hemp.

Once I find the right supplier, I will develop new styles. 


People behind the clothes
Behind my clothes are wonderful makers based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Gergana (pattern cutter) and Elena (master seamstress) have helped me build the first collection. Elena is a seamstress with over 20 years of experience and she recently opened her first atelier. In the future, I’m looking to collaborate with Elena’s team there. The embroidery was made by Anastasia, who is running her family business in Sofia.



To avoid one of the biggest problems in fashion, overproduction, I work on the made-to-order principle. It means that I produce clothes only after you order them. There are no stocks, which means you will wait a bit longer to receive your purchase. But it also means that I make only what is actually needed. There are no wasted clothes, resources, dyes, or fabrics here!

During the production, the goal is to make as little waste as possible. For example, the leftover fabric ends being a scrunchie, which you get for free with your order. Finally, the made-to-order reduces my overall production costs. It’s a big reason why my prices remain affordable. After all, sustainability should be within the reach of many!

All the small details
I don’t stop only on the fabrics but am doing my best to make every bit of garment sustainable. 
The tissue paper I use comes from 99% recycled pulp fibres. About 35% of the electricity that goes into producing it comes from renewable sources.
I’m also using a polybag, made from recycled plastic. The same goes for my round Mareco stickers.
Inside my clothes, you can find tags from 100% recycled paper and printed with eco toners, as well as woven labels made from 100% recycled threads. 

And what about those care labels? You won’t find any on Mareco clothes! When you think about it, most of us don’t read these labels. Instead, we cut them out and throw them away. Because of this, when you order from Mareco, you will get the washing and care instructions via email. It’s simply more practical and less wasteful!

For more information, please check my latest blog post.