Why was Mareco created?

Hey, welcome to my new Blog post. It's been awhile. I promised I will write regularly and I lied. It's difficult and time consuming but I promise I will change it and you will be able to read here soon more about our new projects and interesting fabrics.

I thought about introducing myself again and explain to you why I've created Mareco and what really made me do it specifically this year.

My name is Maria and I've launched Mareco in August this year. I've been working on our designs since February and as you know we were in lockdown in UK since the end of March. I was put on Furlough initially and later I was actually made redundant. This really led me think about a lot of things and I literally had time to work on my project, project I've been dreaming and thinking about for a few years now.

I've graduated in Fine arts and I work in the fashion industry for nearly 6 years. I still work in the Fashion industry as I was asked to come back to work for the company which made me redundant. Because of the financial aspect of it I didn't have a choice rather than accept it and continue working on Mareco in my free time.

Not only I'm drawing the designs for our collections/prints and tote bags, but I do everything else, except the sewing. And believe me "everything else" includes so much that I'm not even able to make a list. I've created the website, I work on the marketing, I order trims/labels/fabrics and deal with the finances too.

It's been very difficult and everything goes slow as I still work full time but I know with your help we will make a difference in the fashion industry.

The question is WHY? Why I think you should support small brands like Mareco and why I do what I do.

In my years working in the Fashion industry I've been in touch and worked with one of the biggest retailers and fabric suppliers. It was fun and interesting, even inspiring in the beginning but I have realised that such things like ethics and integrity is not amongst these companies. Fashion is not what it used to be and everything I was doing was about margin/profit no matter what the costs.

I saw factories and fabric suppliers going down because of the same big retailers pushing them on the prices and what impact the whole business had on people's life.

I've been interesting in sustainability and protecting our Planet since 2018 and this really influenced my work and creations.

I started sourcing sustainable fabrics and being interested in factories who are really supporting their employees and providing the best working environment.

I wanted to create a brand, different one than the brands I used to work with. Brand which cares about the impact on the Planet, which cares about the people producing the fabrics, the garments and providing the best service for it's customers. Transparency and ethics are very important for me.

I wish I had a small shop where you could all come in and we can have a chat. A small atelier where I can draw my designs while you try on our latest styles, but unfortunately in the world we live in online shopping is getting more and more popular, overtaking the high street.

Social media is not my strength and I don't really understand IG's algorithms but it will be great if you share Mareco to your friends, families and in your stories to help me get out there as I really struggle with understanding how all this works these days, neither I can afford a Social Media Manager at the moment.

Let me know in the comments below what the next blog post should be about?

Love Maria


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