Made to fit YOU

I often get asked if Mareco carries plus size clothes or if it is size-inclusive. While I recognise the significance such terms have, and I indeed am trying to be as size-inclusive as possible, I don’t use either of these terms to describe Mareco and my designs.

Here’s why.

Initially, the term “plus-size” was representing the clothes larger than the size 16UK. It was meant to indicate sizes that are “above the standard”, whatever that may be. Many brands adopted it as such and even created a special tab at their online shops for PLUS size ladies, or separated them into different sections of their stores. 

However, this practice made people shopping from plus ranges different than the “normal-sized”. Especially by placing the clothes from them in a separate section, away from the rest. In response, the term “size-Inclusive” came up. Plus-size now became a way to identify oneself and a whole community and fashion were born.

This is absolutely important and if you identify as a plus-size person,

I want you to feel welcomed here. 



Yet, exactly because of the problematic history the fashion retailers had with plus-size and excluding it from their “normal collections”, Mareco is not using either of the terms to refer to the size ranges. Instead, I am committed to making fashion for as many bodies as I can. In Mareco world, all sizes belong to the same range. There’s no difference between the “plus-size” and “normal size” here.

There’s only the size that fits your body.

Currently, Mareco styles range from sizes 8-20UK. This range will soon expand.

However, as a brand that works only as made-to-order, I can always grade up or grade down the pattern and make a garment especially for you. For example, if you need something shorter, a different sleeve length, etc.- it's all possible! If the sizes I’m offering at the moment don’t fit you, just send me a message and I will make a garment that does.