Hello there, my name is Maria!

I created Mareco as a testimony to my personal experience, love for art and design, as well as my conviction that fashion should celebrate life and not cease it. 

Growing up, new clothes were a rare thing for me. My family didn’t have much money, so most of our stuff was second-hand. Only on rare occasions, we would get new clothes. It was always a special event and I remember well my mother saying: “If you’re going to invest in something new, make sure it lasts.” 
These words of wisdom stayed with me and I learned to appreciate the beauty in every single detail. Art became an important part of my life. Spending hours in a gallery or a museum is my idea of a perfect day.


This passion led me to eventually graduate in Fine Arts. I was always drawing, sketching, and experimenting with designs.

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I share my journey and behind-the-scenes daily on Instagram and would love to connect with you there! 


In the meantime, I got a chance to move to London and explore the fashion world. I have been an account manager for a fashion supplier for 6 years. This allowed me to see all the good and all the bad of the industry.


And I knew I could do better.

So, I did. I started Mareco in the hope to inspire everyone to seek art every day. I make clothes that put a smile on your face and are comfortable enough so you want to wear them as often as you can. I work with makers in Bulgaria, who sew my clothes and do embroidery, and who I know personally. You can read more about our team here.


Making sure that everyone involved in my brand benefits from it is essential to me.

Leading my own brand is certainly busy! To stay on top of my business, I keep everything in Excel sheets. I really mean everything, even my shopping lists! If I’m not designing, cutting fabrics, or working on my website, you will likely find me in the kitchen. Cooking is my daily dose of therapy and another form of art I enjoy greatly.