Fashion is more than colours, patterns, and fabrics. Our clothes carry feelings, stories, and memories, and reveal the talents needed to make them. 

Mareco celebrates this by offering high quality, lasting clothes that will inspire you. 
From the design to the finished product, everything is done ethically in Europe, as sustainably as possible. The clothes are simple, yet original, comfortable yet elegant. 

Mareco manifests the following:

There is some art in every soul. Mareco’s clothes invite you to let your inner artist out! Find out more about the creator here.

You can wear and love these clothes for so long that they become a part of your personality. They are that reliable friend who will follow you wherever you go. If you would like to learn more about our production click here.

Sustainability should be for everyone. Apart from a wide size range, you can ask for custom adjustments. Also, the prices are fair to you and the makers! Find more about our sizing and sustainable/ethical practices.