The initial inspiration came from the 70s  and the fact that I JUST LOVE VINTAGE fashion. But I was never near close to buying a vintage dress as I just needed something a bit more comfortable and casual. 

Victorian inspired dress with detachable sleeves


Brooke and Phoebe

NEW DESIGNS - Available in White and Black

Brooke has arrived! - Detachable sleeves, beautiful embroidery and different ways to style it! 

Phoebe is sold separately and it can be worn with the embroidery at the back or at the front.

Limited edition!


The Founder

I created Mareco as a testimony to my personal experience, love for art and design, as well as my conviction that fashion should celebrate life and not cease it. 

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Behind the scenes, Sustainability and how to protect our planet

We thought about adding a section in our website about sustainability, however this topic needs a bit more discussion and attention, therefore we've created a blog, which will be updated often, so you could follow our journey and learn more about sustainability.